VIDEO: Official Trailer of ‘Me & My Moulton’ (2014) – by Torill Kove. Get the full film here.

What happens when a seven-year old girl asks persistently for a bicycle from her unconventional parents? Well, she gets a Moulton… Unravelling the story of a young girl who struggles to understand the unorthodox nature of her parents, ‘Me & My Moulton’ is a humorous short about the gap between what adults think and what children want.

Written by Torill Kove and produced by Lise Fearnley for Mikrofilm in cooperation with The National Film Board of Canada, the animation is probably Kove’s most autobiographical piece. Inspired by her childhood memories, this charming, bright-coloured tale reflects on Kove’s distinctive animated style accompanied by compelling storytelling.

Having also directed an animated feature, Hocus Pocus Alfie Atkins (2013) , the Canadian-based filmmaker writes and designs beautiful childrens’ book illustrations.

VIDEO: 5 Sure Signs Your Parents Were Architects – produced by Mikrofilm SA & Inspired by ‘Me & My Moulton’ – this animation reflects on the filmmaker’s childhood experiences and family in a humorous, frank and engaging way.

‘Me & My Moulton’ was nominated for an Academy award in 2015. Besides participating in several festivals around the world including the Annecy International Animation festival 2014, the Encounters Short Film & Animation Festival 2014 and the 22nd Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film, the short received the Honorary mention at the Ottawa International Animation Film Festival and the Bradford Animation Festival in 2014 as well as the Audience Award at DOKLeipzig 2014 and the Best Short Animated award at the Canadian Screen Awards 2015.

Torill Kove’s work for the Norwegian production and animation studio has been nominated for an Oscar before and won one for ‘The Danish Poet’ in 2007 . Featuring Liv Ullmann‘s narration – this animated piece looks into the chain of coincidental events that define our existence as the main character decides to take a holiday break in Norway to re-discover his lost inspiration.

‘Me & My Moulton’ was screened at our latest Screen Social:RIDE