Neon Garden Animation

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Zoe Bradley Design
Galeria Melissa


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From the depths of darkness comes light

Collaborating with other people is something that we believe everyone needs. It broadens the creative process and the advantage of multiple minds working together towards the same goal cannot be denied. For this project paper artist Zoe Bradley created a floral installation piece for the arts-based space in Galeria Melissa in London’s Covent Garden. A major component of the artwork is a large ‘cubed’ screen which plays moving image content. We were asked to create a sequence which would compliment Zoe’s work whilst reflecting the nature of the exhibition. It would need to be designed to grab peoples’ attention from the street.

Taking inspiration from the story behind the lotus flower – emerging from the darkness ‘into enlightenment’, we brought Zoe’s paper flower sculptures to life in this 3D animation.

The exhibition runs until August 2017

Full animationZoe Bradley Interview
The making of Neon Garden

Watch the interview with Zoe Bradley