Animated Video

Be bold.
Be animated.

We are experts in producing animated video for businesses and brands – building our own brand on reputation and creative innovation through animation and motion design. Take a look at what we do ⤵︎

Animation Video Production Company

Find My Past ▹ Churchill Uncovered

Social video marketing for ancestry brand

Petplan ▹ Pet Stress

Animated advice for problem pet owners

Vivid Drinks

Promotion Animation for the food and health industry

Gamlen ▹ Making Tablets Better

Promotional animation for pharma industry

PokerStars EPT12 // Branding Compilation

TV show branding

Kingston Unity ▹ Junior ISA

Animated launch explainer video for junior ISA account

Neon Garden

Multi-screen video installation

Tec Italia

Animated promotional video for Italian business

KPMG ▹ Rethinking Risk

Video for global financial services

John Lewis ▹ Wellbeing

Product-based promotional campaign

M&S & University of Leeds Partnership

Animated brand partnerships corporate video

Phaidon // Regarding Cocktails

Animated awareness video

National Geographic Traveller Awards

Animated title sequence

Vero ▹ Hero

Social App Campaign Videos

John Lewis ▹ Washing Machine

Multiple product explainer videos

University of Leeds ▹ M&S Partnership

Animated awareness video

Lloyd’s of London ▹ 325 Years

Brand film celebrating the company history

Great UK Visa

5 step explainer video for entry to the UK

ICC Academy ▹ International Chamber of Commerce

Launch video for online courses

BerryWorld // Brand Film

Animated promotional video

National Geographic Traveller // Awards

Title sequence for publisher awards

John Lewis ▹ Packing your hospital bag

Stop-motion animation for products


Digital video marketing for book publisher

Lloyd’s of London ▹ The World’s Riskiest Cities

Research video profiling global risk factors

Phaidon // Do It Yourself

Promotional film for new book

John Lewis

Photographic animation promoting product range

John Lewis ▹ Waiting for your new arrival?

Animated guide to nursery service

Sunday // Brand Film

Brand film for content marketing agency

British Eurosport

Animated promo for Australian Open coverage

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors ▹ Modus

Animated promotional video for brand collateral

Wallpaper* // City Guides

December 2, 2014

John Lewis ▹ If This Then That

Kinetic type animation for high street retailer

John Lewis ▹ The Connected Home

Product-based animation

Petplan ▹ Marking Their Territory

Animated advice for problem pet owners

Alquity Investments ▹ Launch Video

Brand launch video for investments firm

HTC ▹ Power To Give

Video to explain new brand initiative

If your company is looking to increase sales, communicate complex messages or rank higher in SEO, animated videos are a proven way of leaving a big impression

Why Animate?

When you need to tell a story, explain a product or be a friend to your audience, animation can connect with people like nothing else. Because there is no direct relationship with reality, it’s possible to explain the unexplainable, touch emotions with a shape or a movement and above all communicate effective messages and get across clear information to your viewers.

Animated Storytelling

We tell brand stories through a diverse range of animated video techniques, including stop motion, 3D animation, hand-drawn and 2D vector animation. Our talented teams of animators and filmmakers work together to combine motion design and film content when the brief requires.