Swhype for Video

What We Do

Simply. We do video. In all kinds and colours.

Animation, branded content, interviews, explainers, title sequences, motion graphics.

Video is the easiest way to communicate a message to a wide audience, quickly

The rise of the entrepreneur economy brings with it, the need for a clear vision and clarity of message. Marketing has become a level playing field. Social media enables small startups to quickly gain momentum and awareness to become the latest player in a matter of months.

By partnering with Swhype, you’ll be working with a committed, creative team who’ll connect your stories, to the right people.


Who We Are

The only video agency you need.

The thing is, we’re actually truly, really, honestly passionate about creating. We have to pay the mortgage and try to help other people do that too, but we love our craft. It’s what drives us to make the best animation, film and motion design for clients across industries, from fashion to retail, technology to finance.

Come and talk to us – we’ll give you or your clients a treatment they will remember.

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Who do we work with?

Brand marketing teams, Content and Ad Agencies, PRs, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Charities. One of the things we love about working in this industry is the ability it gives us to meet new people and form new relationships.

Agency Partners
If you’re looking to collaborate or commission, we’re the perfect end-to-end video partner for content marketing and advertising agencies.

Brand Partners
If your brand needs a video presence in your marketing, we can help you develop a video strategy which hits desired outcomes and works with your KPIs.

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