Havana Bikes: A Kauri Short Film

VIDEO: ‘Havana Bikes’ (2014) – by photographer/videographer Diego Vivanco & producer Ian Clark  (aka Kauri Multimedia)

After the fall of the socialist bloc, a bike culture flourished within the streets of Havana in the 1990’s. Bicycles were the main means of transport and survival for thousands of Cubans as oil was an insufficient source during that times of austerity. A couple of years later, motorcycles and cars returned – a change which affected the country’s bicycle revolution.

Kauri Multimedia‘s ‘Havana Bikes’ takes a closer look into the reality of the bicycle culture in Cuba, today. From using bikes as a way to commute to sell flowers, fruits and other products – this culture is still kept alive especially with help from the city’s mechanics. Their service and skills are crucial for those who still choose bicycles for their everyday activities and routines.

‘Havana Bikes’ won the Juried Prize at the 4th Annual Bike Shorts Film Festival (2014), the 3rd Prize VELOBERLIN Film Award (2015) and the FIAB award at the Siciliambiente Documentary Film Festival (2015) . It also took part in a number of festivals worldwide including: Kalamazoo Bicycle Film Festival (2015), ARQFILM Festival (2015), Bristol Cycle Festival (2014), OFFline Film festival (2015), Luxembourg Bicycle & Art film Festival (2015), the 9th International Bicycle Film Festival (2014), PROMAX Short film festival (2014), Port Townsend Film Festival (2015), Beloit International Film Festival (2015) and the Filmed By Bike Film Festival (2015).

Based in the UK and Spain, Kauri have been producing short documentaries since 2010. Their content has been featured in online publications such as The Guardian and National Geographic. One of their most recent pieces of work is ‘The Silent Friends’ – another short documentary which embraces the beauty and vitality of trees through poetic images and narrative.

‘Havana Bikes’ was screened at Screen Social:RIDE