‘On Loop‘ is a College of Art graduation film by Christine Hooper featuring the vocal talents of susancalman.com

“Be thankful for your body, it’s all you’ve ever had…

Nose of flowers, eyes of light, fingers feathered, ears of song, tongues of slurping…”, Inua Ellams


A couple of months back we screened some visual poetry from independent creators at our Screen Social: BEAT… Today, it’s World Poetry Day and it’s time to celebrate poetry, literature and free speech across the globe with pieces that inspire us and motivate us. Here are some of our favourite poetic shorts we screened back in August at The Book Club.


Directed by Steven Blatter & William Morris, this beautifully realised poetry film is a visual celebration of Swiss stand up paddle champion Steeve Fleury and his relationship Lake Geneva. Surrounded by its calming and placid nature, this short reveals something of how Steeve ‘is the lake’…

How to Be Everyman

Inspired by Carol Ann Duffy’s adaptation of the Everyman play which ran at The National Theatre, filmmaker Tim Marrinan & poet Inua Ellams produced this short as a response to questions that Everyman raises about life and death.

Mind your Head : The Poems Of Henry Ponder

Infamous British poet Henry Ponder enchants us and navigates us through his daily routines, exploring their beauty and absurdity. Produced and directed by Chris Dada, this short is a jolly visual interpretation of the poet’s thoughtful perspective on life. The film was screened in Cannes 2015.


BEAT is an award-winning short film starring Ben Whishaw. Directed by Aneil Karia, the film captures a lonesome man walking a paper-thin line between profound joy and complete hopelessness. It reflects on the co-existence of the city chaos with the oppressive loneliness the protagonist struggles with.

Shot in 16mm, BEAT was screened at over 40 festivals around the world including BFI London Film Festival, Edinburgh Film Festival, Warsaw, Rhode Island, Melbourne, Brest European Short Film Festival, Slamdance and Encounters, where the film won the New European Talent Award.