VIDEO: ‘OPEN – LGC skaters Israel’ by Daniel Etura
. This video contains separate extracts from a full-length movie entitled ‘OPEN’. Featuring a diverse group of female longboarders hailing from 11 different countries who get together in Israel.

“Skateboarding doesn’t know about gender, religion or politics” – Longboard Girls Crew

On Wednesday 13th April, we’re hosting another Screen Social as part of Swhype’s BELONG project.  In the run up we’re posting some great, relevant videos we’ve seen.

Skateboarding has long been a part of popular culture, a source of identity, solace, joy and style – often perceived as a male activity. These are some selected shorts and documentaries that dive into the universe of skateboarding. In this world, young girls and women are not just using the art of skateboarding as a form of expression and escapism, but also as a form of gender empowerment – and they’re doing it well…


High Rider – Bradley Tangonan & Neil Sauvage

In this NOWNESS film, Hawaiian model Nalani Ravelo is an ethereal skater encountering both real and dreamy characters on her way to work. Director & Writer, Bradley Tangonan shot the film on the tropical island of Oahu. Euphorically soundtracked by artist Jackson Scott, this short is a voyage and slow immersion into the world of Nalani’s hallucinations.


SOWLE – AG Rojas & Corbett Jones

Produced by MAINLINE films in partnership with Dazed, this mini-documentary unlocks the world of the young Sowle sisters ‘Magnificent’, ‘Valiant’ and ‘Gentle’. Directed by AG Rojas and Corbett Jones, these three home-schooled sisters explore about their love for skateboarding, sisterhood and how their skills attract attention from boys. This doc is the eleventh installment of a TRIBUTE series created by the filmmaker AG Rojas.


Ishtar X Tussilago – Maceo Frost

Fimmaker Maceo Frost follows downhill long boarder & artist Ishtar Backlund along with riders Caroline Boström, Kim Hansson, Sammy Hasselberg & Sander Hasselberg on the scenic mountains of Norway. This short is a colourful celebration of being yourself and living your greatest dreams to the maximum.


Hanifa’s Story – Skateistan

Founded in 2007, Skateistan is an award-winning, international non-profit organisation with sites in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa. Using skateboarding as tool for empowerment, this video presents 14-year old skater Hanifa whose passion for skating brought her closer to her dreams and changed her life for the better.

Join us at Screen Social: BELONG on the 13th April – and there’s still time to submit a film for screening.