VIDEO: An excerpt from ‘Safe Schools: Nepal’ film – directed by Christian Stephen and produced by The Uprising Creative’s virtual reality studio VEHICLEvr.

“Everyday 663 million people, drink dirty water” – The Source

When 360° video meets a good cause, filmmaking is transformed into an immersive and almost real-time experience…

With YouTube announcing its newest feature of live-streaming 360° videos earlier on Monday, we’re taking a look at a bunch of recent 360°/VR projects. All produced for non-profit organisations, prepare to experience places like Nepal and Ethiopia where living conditions in some areas are unsanitary and unsafe.

‘The Source’ captures 13-year-old Selam whose life is disrupted on a daily basis by dirty water – the same water her family have to drink. This 360 video shows the transformation of her community and environment when clean water arrives.

In partnership with Charity: Water and directed by Vrse.workscreator, Imraan Ismail – the film is a powerful plea for bringing clean and safe water to every person on the planet.

In support of children whose lives are affected by natural disasters and conflicts, digital agency Rain, children’s charity TheirWorld and VR studio VEHICLEvr teamed up to produce ‘Safe Schools: Nepal’ – another example of how VR can be used to push a good cause.

Rain’s CEO, Brian Edelman mentioned “Virtual Reality is a new frontier for storytelling. It’s arriving in a big way and beginning to reach the consumer from a variety of touch points. It’s not just through a headset which most people can’t afford. Knowing that, we wanted to take it a step further. VR is another aid to democratize learning, and we’re leveraging that side of the technology to tell this story and inspire people to take action” 

As part of the launch of  campaign, the video calls to world leaders to provide funding and support to vulnerable children. Designed for viewing on any VR device or headset, you can also watch it on your desktop and on other mobile platforms like YouTube 360.