VIDEO: VERSUS – Designed & directed by Man Vs Machine for Maxon. Audio by Resonate.

Marking the launch of the latest version of Cinema 4D, Man Vs Machine created an outstanding short film for Maxon showcasing the amazing capabilities of this next generation tool. Based on the design studio’s name, the video’s concept is inspired by the constant battle between nature and structure, form and function.

With the exemplary use of original music compositions, 3D photo scanning and the software’s newest features, the London-based studio gives ‘life’ and deconstructs nature into a GG short which delivers the wow factor in every single aspect.

Man Vs. Machine’s Head of 3D,¬†Matthias Winckelmann,¬†mentions ”Cinema 4D has been our pipeline tool for quite a while now and it was great to see what they developed and great to play around with the fraction tool and the new MoGraph enhancements. This piece was just another example of showcasing what we can do with the software…”

Below, you can get a further taste of the creative process behind the studio’s awesome video:

For the full list of Cinema 4D’s newest powerful tools, visit Maxon’s page.