VIDEO: ‘There’s always a way’ (2016) – Designed, scripted & Animated by illustrator and independent director, Dennis Hoogstad. Music & Sound Design by Antfood.

How many times have you felt you’re beating your head against the wall because of a problem? How many times you gave up on finding a solution? Dennis Hoogstad‘s creative animation will change your mind and fuel your creative soul with positive vibes.

Based on a metaphorically driven storyline about a circle seeking to find his way out of a tight small box, ‘There is always a way‘ is a personal project which experiments with motion, minimalism and geometric shapes using a pastel colour palette.

Follow the circle and you’ll soon realise that no matter the obstacles quitting should never be an option…

‘Change direction’ metaphor

‘Pick The Right Moment’ metaphor

For more visual ‘metaphors’ and more of Hoogstad’s work head over to his website.