VIDEO: ‘My Magic Mum’ (2016) – Directed by Stefan Hunt & Animated by Andrew Khosravani

We all need a little bit of magic in our lives… Now, Rambu – an adorable girl that lives on a small Indonesian island called Sumba – seems that she has this sorted out. She believes that her mum has secret magic powers – which is kind of true when you get to think of all the ups and downs that our mums went through to raise us.

Mixing fiction with reality, Australian filmmaker Stefan Hunt created this utterly sweet and charming short to raise awareness for charity, Opportunity International and for all the disbelievers and doubters of enchantment in modern times.

With captivating cinematography by Campbell Brown and the ‘magic touch’ of illustrator and animator of Andrew Khosravani  along with colourist Matt Fezz, the story is told through the eyes of Rambu in a fun and enticing way.

Based on the same cinematic style, ‘Sammy the Explorer’ is another project from Hunt and Khosravani created for charity, SurfAid Sumba and Hurley H2O. The video’s about a little boy whose life has changed after he met a group of surfers who helped in bringing safe and clean water to his local community.

Same team. Same magic.