VIDEO: Katharine Hamnett meets with The Pool.

“We’re so rotten by conflict that we don’t even access the democratic process”

The Pool interviewed acclaimed British fashion designer Katharine Hamnett, following the launch of her new collection – in collaboration with clothing brand YMC. Katherine Hamnett who became known for her political t-shirts in the 1980s such us ’STOP & THINK’ & ‘SAVE THE FUTURE‘, speaks up about everything from her early fashion beginnings, her new collection, her friendship with Kanye West, the current political and environmental climates, the NHS and the refugee crisisShe has continued to be outspoken about her opinions and viewpoints ever since, which is still directly reflected within her designs today.

Highlighting the importance of being politically involved in order change the future, she underlines the reason why fashion should be politically active, referring to the power & influence of t-shirt slogans and acknowledging the fact that it’s hard for new designers to manufacture ethically when big brands don’t set an example.

By the end of the interview, Hamnett points out some of the biggest consumer problems preventing us from ‘saving the future’ and suggests the different paths we, as individual consumers, can follow to contribute to a better, safer & happier world.

Watch the full interview on The Pool