Deconstructing Culture with Feminist Punk Rock: The New British – Legacy

VIDEO: The New British  – Legacy Trailer (prod. Swhype)


We’ve spoken about The New British here before, writing about the launch for their newest issue at the Apple Store. Well, that new issue has launched and it is worth checking out. The New British takes a no-holds-barred approach to Legacy. The editor-in-chief, Kez Glozier states in his lead article that Legacy is “Not just a theme. This is a response.” and that speaks volumes. Literally. Each article is laced with a soundtrack or accompanied by compelling documentary film or photography and allows you to view your content in a unique context.

Aesthetically, the iPad format is fantastic and comes into its own when you are able to view a lead image, scroll, fragment and by the end it all comes back together so seamlessly. This form not only looks great but almost emphasises the point TNB are trying to make – they are deconstructing British culture, forcing you to view it in an innovative and exciting way. Trust us when we say, your iPad is a better device with The New British empowering it.

Legacy is out now as an iPad app. The Trailer was created by us at Swhype and features Mercury Award winners, Young Fathers; feminist punk rockers, Skinny Girl Diet; and 13 year old comic-book publisher, Zoom Rockman. Check out the 2014 showreel of the 12 films included in Legacy below.