VIDEO: ANDY Awards 2015 Call for Entry: Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist (dir. Clay Weiner)

The bomb-disposal expert risks their own life and the surgeon saves others’, these people are undoubtedly brave. But surely neither is as brave as an ad person, where it’s sink or swim in the dark and dingy waters of advertising.

The ANDY Awards 2015 honours creative excellence and bravery in advertising and their call for entries for 2015 beautifully tips their hat to those who work in the industry. These 3 well-written and superbly delivered videos – created by Wieden + Kennedy – take some of the most courageous professions and have them eulogise about the what it takes to deliver a great campaign, all in the context of their own high-risk vocations. When was the last time you heard a firefighter exclaim “Do you think it’s easy making that logo bigger?”.

Of course, the point is not that those in the advertising industry are braver or are saving more lives than anyone else. The point is that in one way or another, it takes a certain level of courage to create groundbreaking work and this campaign for the ANDY awards is a perfect example of that.

The ANDY Awards 2015 call for entries campaign was created by Wieden + Kennedy. You can view the Bomb Disposal Expert video above and the Surgeon and Firefighter, all of which were directed by Clay Weiner. You can also see the campaigns print ads below which feature ad creatives Dan Wieden, Susan Hoffman and Jeff Benjamin being saluted by a Fire-Fighter, Astronaut and Surgeon respectively.