VIDEO: Bike Race: Animation dir. by Tom Schroeder

“Well, I hope we like each other?”

An animated documentary film directed and animated by Tom Schroeder, known for his hand drawn style, with additional collage animation from Lindsey Testolin, in which two friends decide to stage a bicycle race to determine who is the best racer of all time, Eddy Merckx or Lance Armstrong. A love triangle develops during the race and the stakes of winning grow in importance.

Another of Tom’s films is the critically acclaimed animation ‘Marcel, King of Tervuren’. Described as a ‘Greek tragedy as acted out by Belgian roosters’, Tom Schroeder’s surprisingly touching and dramatic short is a tale of a seemingly indestructible cockerel determined to keep his crown as ruler of the roost. Blending a flowing animation style with an engaging narrative, ‘Marcel, King of Tervuren’ quickly immerses you into its unexpected world of alcohol, drugs and family feuds.

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