WATCH: 80 and Still Cycling – A mini doc by Florent Piovesan

VIDEO: A Portrait of my Grandfather : 80 and Still Cycling – directed & edited by Florent Piovesan

“The first time I rode a bike, I will always remember”

There are many things a lot of us would like to be doing at 80 years old. Lying in the sun on a beach, binge-watching TV, listening to The Archers… but for the grandfather of Florent Piovesan his main passion in life is cycling.

In this short documentary shot by French filmmaker Florent Piovesan for his grandfather’s 80th birthday, or as he likes to call it ‘his 4th 20th birthday’, we are given a glimpse of the pensioner’s early life, why he became interested in cycling, what compels him to do it now and more importantly, will he ever stop?

Having achieved a staff pick on Vimeo and filmed using what appears to be a mixture of Go Pro and domestic camera equipment it further emphasis’s the importance of a good story.

Piovesan‘s other work consists of videos that capture the beauty in things we see every day. His video ‘Portrait of New York | Black & White Edit‘ filmed on a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, captures streets and architecture from within the city as though they were photographs emphasising on the different cultures within the city itself.

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