VIDEO: ‘Trump Fact #007 – Blacks’. Animated by Fraser Davidson and produced by Cub Studio.

With the US elections getting closer, London-based studio, Cub launched an ongoing series of satirical short animations about some of Donald Trump‘s most striking quotes. Leaving aside the media buzz created around his presidential candidacy, the animated studio invites people to make their own call about the Republican representative’s words by using sound extracts and a trending hashtag.

From sharing in public that his primary consultant is his own brain to stating his unimaginable humbleness –  most of his quotes will leave you speechless and make your jaws drop (and probably not in a good way). Behold:

‘TrumpFact #011 – Words’

‘Trump Fact #008 – Smart’

If you can’t get enough of these humorous animated gems, go to #TRUMPFACTS and watch the full glory of Trump’s rhetorical flair.