Highlights from Screen Social: ‘Belong’

From skating and shuffling to musical chairs and mermaids, last week’s Screen Social: BELONG was packed with content from filmmakers and directors exploring a vast array of sub-cultures – representing groups and movements we can all relate to in our individual ways.

Norma Colours directed by Florence Kennard intrigued the audience with scenes examining the eclectic belongings of ‘Norma’ in her short documentary.

Victoria Fiore’s Gadjo (The Outsider), VOLTA, directed by SHINY and First Light produced Wenglish all represented belonging through radically different means while other films focused on the impact of social media. #SELFIE by comedy shorts trio Don’t Shoot The Mermaid takes a current trend and highlights the culture of manipulation around it, which every audience member can relate to. Click to view it above… and the rest of the series at dontshootthemermaid.com.

We had an anniversary screening for Eric Kolesas and his latest film, HOLD – the film set in a post-apocalyptic world, was written, directed and starred Eric himself.

Taking the theme of BELONG to the streets, Cracks & Curbs – by Rowan Biddiscombe with words by poet, Mat Lloyd, shows the daily adventure of skating in the capital. At just under 2 mins, it’s well worth a watch.

Another highlight was the superb longer-form documentary, RELEASE , from Editor-in-Chief of indie mag The New British Kez Glozier – a  film based on a new subcultural dance movement that’s hit Britain, ‘Shuffling’. With its own sound, own fashion and its own attitude, the film gives an insight into the culture and people in it.


There was loads of talent on show, from experimental documentary, ‘The Musical Chair’ by Joe Whitney and ‘My.Self’ by Joanne Gale. We would like to thank everyone who submitted and screened their work as the night wouldn’t be possible without the content from you, and to those who came to watch, discuss, chat, drink and be social, we raised over £100 for Shelter.

The next Screen Social is on 10th June at The Book Club, Shoreditch.

Stay tuned for more details on Twitter @ScreenSocial