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England Hockey


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Sport has been a prominent part of Swhype’s life so far. We have worked with TV channels like Eurosport and PokerStars to produce title sequences, in-game graphics and branding, so when national sporting body England Hockey wanted some social marketing campaign video activity in preparation for the 2018 Women’s Hockey World Cup, we consulted with them to come up with a solution.
After winning the EuroHockey Nations Championship in 2015 at the Queens Elizabeth Olympic Park, London – the team continued their reign on the national hockey front by winning Gold at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Since then, the Women’s GB Hockey team has seen a meteoric rise in popularity and improved the overall profile of the sport.
An initial script was discussed which was fine-tuned to give us options on the shoot day. We had 5 of the England team available for a very short time and needed to record voiceover, film them in action on the training pitch, talking to camera delivering their lines and slo-mo b-roll footage of the girls interacting. Time was tight, needless to say. We filmed at Bisham Abbey Nation Sports Centre, home of many of the country’s national governing bodies in sport.
Using the footage and all the audio gathered, then adding some archive match footage in the edit, we delivered the hero call-to-action film together with 3 social edits featuring individual players. The videos were pushed out to the ‘Hockey Family’ initially, resulting in phenomenal activity and unprecedented ticket sales.
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