VIDEO: Taste It by Little Boots (dir. Ish Sahotay)

With the release of her new EP, Business Pleasure, we thought we’d talk to you about the video for Little Boots’ ‘Taste It’; a gluttonous, colour swamped treat! Credit goes not only to the artist herself who was Creative Director for this video, but to Ish Sahotay – an East London based Fashion Photographer and now, Music Video Director. The influences are clear from both of these artists, with Little Boots’ self proclaimed ‘Power Bitch’ vibe coupled with visual nods to 80s Fashion. The track itself is full of all that dance-pop goodness, and nothing gets more ‘pop’ than a conveyor belt of over saturated tasters with all the things we’re addicted to.

Ish Sahotay has made his name in the creative industry as a fashion photographer and has made numerous fashion films. ‘Taste it’ serves as his debut music video. Check out his work here.

The Little Boots – Business Pleasure EP was released on December 2nd 2014 so be sure to listen below:

The video for ‘Taste It’ was produced by Samantha Chitty and Biscuit Filmworks.