VIDEO: Danny MacAskill’s – Imaginate

Professional trail bike rider Danny MacAskill has blown the world away in recent years. From Inspired Bicycles to Way Back Home to Industrial Revolutions, he has brought trail bike riding to the forefront of the cycling world with his seemingly impossible tricks and incredible videos.

His last video ‘Imaginate’, a year in the making film, which took over 60 days just to shoot, brought his skills to new levels when he has able to recreate his child hood environment with life size objects and toys, he was able to work into his lines. From a giant twister board, to a life size model train set. He not only managed to push the profession further, but also create a enjoyable, fun and colourful world for the audience to watch.

Obviously behind every professional athlete there is an entire team of people, in this case 40 people, working around the clock to for fill the end goal. Directed by Stu Thompson and produced by Mike Christie, who had also previously worked with MacAskill on Industrial Revolutions and in association with Redbull, they have created something that is a truly enjoyable to watch, mesmerising and stunning with some gravity defying tricks thrown in.

Behind the scenes we get a true look at the sheer scale of the project from start to finish. As well as insight into the physical and mental punishment Danny puts himself through to acquire the footage needed. From an 8ft fall onto his back from a tank, he gives a great insight into what it takes to be a professional athlete and what what the entire team go through to give an audience the best possible viewing experience.