VIDEO: The Bicycle – directed by Chris McCoy & Adam Neustadter

“…when our end comes, fate allows us a moment to reflect on the memories that will guide us into the night.” 

Ever wondered what your bicycle would say if it could express its own thoughts? Released in 2013, ‘The Bicycle’ does just that as it anthropomorphises an abandoned bicycle and channels its emotions. Lonely, heart-broken, forgotten about, the bike will experience its very own bumpy ride – from death, remorse and mock to resurrection and purification.

Directed by Chris McCoy & Adam Neustadter, the film was first inspired after McCoy had his bike stolen a couple of times in the past – an emotionally frustrating experience that many of us have been through at some point in our lives.

Featuring a voice over by Matthew Waterson, the short took part in a number of festivals including the Austin Film Festival, Florida Film Festival, Mecal International Film Festival of Barcelona, LA Shorts Fest, Interfilm Berlin Film Festival and The Bicycle Film Festival.


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