VIDEO: Nick Offerman’s “Yule Log”

For a couple of weeks, the Internet got into the Christmas spirit after the launch of several Christmas TV ads including Sainsbury’s Mog the Cat , Mulberry’s Baby Jesus Wonder Bag and The Body Shop’s “Jingle Bells” shower karaoke. Among the most creative ads, Nick Offerman’s ‘Yule Log’ video went viral and hit over 2 million views on YouTube.

The reason behind this video’s success is the campaign’s brilliant and unique concept along with Offerman’s captivating performance. The video starts with a close-up shot of a fireplace. Then, the camera moves and the frame widens revealing the actor sat comfortably in his armchair silently savouring his favourite whisky. Offerman stares at the camera with nothing but inner contentment. Also magnetising is the sound of a constantly crackling fire, making us feel warm inside.

Lagavulin’s storytelling is based on the simplicity of the moment. Consuming a fine beverage is all about sitting down and savouring it, without any interruption or distraction. Undoubtedly, the ad is well-conceived and entirely captures the brand’s identity. It also creates an engaging conversation between the viewer and Offerman, as he spends 45 minutes staring at the camera.

Go on – throw a few more virtual logs on the fire, pour a glass of Christmas cheer and take 45. You deserve it.

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The video is part of an original content series called My Tales of Whisky, a collaboration between the Parks & Recreation actor and the beverage company Diageo that specialises in refining single malt Scottish whiskeys.