After struggling to attract advertisers to its weekly iPad magazine, Huffington Post is reportedly set to take ‘Huffington’ to other platforms.

The AOL-owned news website launched the Huffington magazine last June and initially looked to monetize by subscription, only for it to drop that in favor of an advertiser-based model just two months later.

But almost one year on and it looks as though advertisers are less than keen on the magazine.

On reviewing six Huffington issues recently, Adweek found that the publication had just one main sponsor, with the other ads self-promoting Huffington Post’s own mobile apps.

Huffington Post has since refuted claims that it is to stop supporting the magazine and insists that it is doing better than expected. A spokesman for the firm also told Adweek that Paramount is to soon sponsor the edition, with “two new Fortune 100 advertisers” also incoming.

“We are more committed than ever to Huffington,” said Huffington Post’s senior director of communications, Rhoades Alderson.

“We love this product and so do our readers. It’s still an infant, but we’re way ahead on our year-one strategy to establish the brand and a core audience.”

Nonetheless, despite reporting that the number of active users has doubled in six months, it looks as though Huffington will not be an iPad-only magazine for much longer.

Alderson says that a new publishing platform will allow the magazine to move onto mobile web, enabling it to achieve “much greater scale beyond the iPad universe”. This move is likely to come about in the summer, although the app will remain available on Apple’s App Store.

(via TabTimes)