VIDEO: Captain Risky (dir. Hamish Rothwell)
AGENCY: 303Lowe

And we have a winner already for catchphrase of the year! Budget Direct – the Australian insurance company – have thrown us into 2015 with their new ‘Kick It and Rip It’ campaign, Captain Risky. He makes his black and blue debut as a daredevil who’s just, well, not that good. But it’s funny and ridiculous and that is the success of this ad. It shows us someone so buffoonish, so uninsurable that next to him, anyone can be insured.

Just as a piece of video its great viewing and the timing is spot-on. That quintessentially American vibe, playing on the cop shows of the ‘70s with that disco soundtrack provides you with a nostalgia that’s comforting as we inevitably start the new year looking back wistfully on all those previous.

Looking ahead, I feel sorry for anyone having to witness me unashamedly use ‘Kick It and Rip It’ at every opportunity.

Kick It and Rip It! Woo!

Captain Risky was created by Australian agency, 303Lowe, Directed by Hamish Rothwell and produced by GoodOil Films (who produced the fantastic Coors Light – Ice Bar advert which you can view below).