Are you thinking video first?

Video strategy is often an afterthought, an add-on for many brands and businesses. Frequently budgets are assigned to a full marketing campaign, but with video sidelined as an ‘expensive extra’.

Those brands are missing out on the most powerful communication tool they have, apart from word of mouth. To create the right connection with a customer or potential customer now is more important than it ever was. The introduction of GDPR is turning marketing on its head. Emotional engagement is now more important than ever, and brand loyalty is the golden chalice. A company’s video strategy play’s a key part in how customers connect with a brand or business.

Your voice doesn’t have to be muffled. It can whisper suggestively, shout across continents, speak clearly with a clarity of message. Through various forms of video, this is possible.

Take the first step

The first and most important step is to think about your audience. What is it that you need to communicate? How do you want them to feel? What questions do they need answering?

Look at what they are influenced by, what social channels are they watching or listening to? This will give you an idea of how best to communicate with them…

Use animation to dream the impossible, connect with their aspirations, grab attention, make them smile. Paint a bigger picture of ideas which are hard to express, simply.

Use non-fiction film to thought-lead through conversations, putting your company centre stage as the experts in your industry. Tell stories of heritage and history – why should they buy from you instead of the next best? What makes you unique? Talk to them through video which is useful and has value.

Use fiction film to empathise with people. They can identify with a character, a story, a lifestyle. 20 seconds, 30 seconds, 20 minutes… Season 1. If it sends the right message wrapped up in the right campaign, people will find time to engage, no matter how long. Forget ‘content’ as a blanket concept – we’re already saturated. Identify your customer’s problems and talk about how you can solve them. Individually crafted answers communicated in the right way through the right channels to talk to the right people.

Use social video to reach people you would never have expected to. Every platform, everywhere. Think before you shoot, then shoot for the moon.

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