VIDEO: “Study of Solo Improvisation”  by Kiani Del Valle & Phillip Kaminiak

There are only three words to describe Kiani Del Valle’s Study of Solo Improvisation – daring, inspirational & powerful. This experimental dance short is our next video pick and couldn’t be more relevant to the theme of our next Screen Social: MOVE

Directed by herself and friend Phillip Kaminiak in collaboration with NOWNESS, the film presents the contemporary dancer’s conceptualization & birth of choreographic ideas orchestrated by selected movements. Kiani describes it as a ‘translation of the patterns of the movement in her head’.

The static shots focus on Kiani’s body movement, intercut with close-ups of her feet and head, which form the video’s narrative. The use of accelerated footage also lends a sense of surreality to the film.

Electronic artists Matmos track Ultimate Care II Excerpt Eight adds something extra to the piece. Recorded in a basement – it features a Whirpool Ultimate Care II washing machine, which fits the dancer’s robotic movement.

Having won prizes such as Outstanding Young Artist of the Year by the Puertorrican Association of UNESCO (2011), the Berlin-based & Puerto Rican choreographer is also a creative director, dance teacher and an artist. She experiments with different styles of dancing with a focus on contemporary dance, which is strongly reflected on the video.

Have a look at another amazing solo of hers captured by Sander Houtkruijer for Floating Points’ track, Nespole