Top Gear Magazine creates iPad app allowing fans to experience the Aston Martin One-77 hypercar

By November 28, 2012News

The free-to-download iPad app showcases the £1.2 million hypercar that Aston themselves declared would only ever be driven by billionaire’s lucky enough to acquire one of the 77 ever made. The app was only made possible when Abdulla Al Ketbi invited Top Gear over to test his personal One-77.

The app brings to life the One-77 through a series of interactive chapters which tell the car’s story from inception straight through to its Top Gear test drive. Users can enjoy the high-definition photos of the One-77 on the move and beneath the car’s skin via information hotspots.

Top Gear Magazine’s editor-in-chief, Charlie Turner, commented: “The One-77 was the car that Aston Martin said only owners would ever get to drive. Fortunately we met a very generous one, who handed us the keys and pointed in the direction of the desert.

“We wanted readers to experience this car in all its detail, and this app delivers that. We take them through the whole One-77 journey, from design, to manufacturing and testing, allowing them to dig below the surface and see its construction and high-speed testing. Finally, we put them in the most exclusive driving seat on the planet.” Read full story