These Awesome iPad Magazines Are Killing Print

By December 2, 2012News

It’s no secret that print media’s seen better days.
But the magazine industry has its own secret history of innovation and reinvention.
In 1953, for example, Life magazine chartered a jet plane and put a photographic darkroom in it to cover the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. A team of 34 reporters, editors, and photo technicians produced a special issue in the air, flying it straight to a printing plant in Chicago.
When Wired magazine launched in 1993, it used a then-new six-color printing process to tell the story of the digital revolution in fluorescent colors.
Now technology is pushing beyond paper itself, with tablet magazines as the latest frontier. This isn’t a good or bad thing. It’s just the times, and they are a-changin’.
And some magazines are really nailing it in the iPad format. Read full article