Lloyd’s of London

325th Anniversary

Lloyd’s of London


  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Direction
  • Storyboards
  • Animation
  • Sound design

Lloyds Of London // 325th Anniversary

The origins of this animation for Lloyd’s of London were within an printed editorial gatefold conceived by content agency Sunday, featuring icon illustrations to tell a timeline story.

We initially collaborated with Sunday to strip the original script back to the bare essentials which would tell the 325 year story of the world’s oldest insurance company… in 2 minutes.

During the careful planning and storyboarding of the film, we decided on a creative approach which would bring the flat colour icons into a 3D environment, creating clever transitions with elements in the film.

We added a stirring score and the result was an award-winning animated journey through 325 years of innovation, creative underwriting and new beginnings. From sea vessels to spaceships, body parts to natural catastrophes… this is Lloyd’s extraordinary history.

The animation won ‘Best Video’ at the 2013 CMAs (International Content Marketing Awards).

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