A homemade, Self-Spinning Illusion: Callum Cooper

By January 1, 2015Music Video, News, Screen Social

VIDEO: Month of Sundays – Metronomy (dir. Callum Cooper)

Metronomy always come through with great music videos, and ‘Month of Sundays’  is no different. Directed by Callum Cooper, the video takes the band around the Barbican Estate, a grey, brutalist structure that from a normal perspective you wouldn’t deem particularly interesting – or maybe even an eyesore. Cue Cooper’s homemade camera mounts to create a unique spinning motion effect. It gives us new vantage points of the estate and, speaking personally, a new found appreciation for it’s architecture.

Callum Cooper has previous when it comes to this style of filming, you just need to check out his website to see what he’s been up to. Impressively, he crafts specialised camera mounts for each filming style, with every rig an artwork in itself. It is one of his most dizzying examples and you can view it below.