Go Beyond Your Own Fourwalls: Submit a Short Film

VIDEO: FOURWALLS Short Film Project (trailer)

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Here’s an opportunity for a filmmaker to make a difference. Everyone who lives in London knows that housing is a real and prevalent issue with many of us sometimes struggling to find somewhere to live, pay our rent or mortgage or at least know someone in a situation like this. London can be a dense, frustrating place and sometimes living here can be a struggle – all of this is considering we’re meant to live in one of the best cities on Earth.

In response to this, David Lammy, MP for Tottenham and 2016 London Mayoral Candidate, has commissioned the FOURWALLS project. A short film project showcasing the reality of housing in London in partnership with the London Short Film Festival. It is asking anyone with an opinion to submit a short film, no longer than 3 minutes, that brings together personal experiences and unique perspectives of the current housing situation in London. David Lammy MP, alongside housing and film industry experts, will shortlist the best submissions which will be shown at the London Short Film Festival in January 2015.

Check out the video brief above and get the full brief on the FOURWALLS website here. Submit your short film by December 31st 2014.