Driving You to Excitement: You Make Us Make Better Cars – Kia

By January 24, 2015News, Screen Social

VIDEO: You Make Us Better Cars (directed by Joanna Bailey)


Is it the way it looks or the way it sounds? Maybe it’s the way it feels when you’re on the open road or the way it smells when you’ve just collected it from the showroom. People get excited about cars for all sorts of reasons and this new TV advert from Kia brings back those feelings, hinting on that premium feel without being a premium car brand.

It’s refreshingly different to the other notable UK car ad of the year. Volkswagen use of the old saying “you get what you pay for”, but Kia have created a great example of how clever marketing can build your brand. Kia are little guys punching above their weight but with an emotive ad playing on what people want from a car, it successfully and subtly makes us feel that they manufacture cars that are of real quality and value without conforming to those usual luxury car stereotypes. 

You Make Us Better Cars was created by Innocean Worldwide UK, produced by Bare Films and directed by Joanna Bailey.
P.S. What gets me excited about cars? The sound of a brand new car door shutting. For me, it’s the sound of completion and the sound gives me sense of calm and satisfaction.