Digital Nomad Travel Magazine Joins the iPad Publishing Revolution

By November 23, 2012News

The “nomadic” lifestyle is an ideal term for the way consumers now live and consume media: within an interconnected world in which they are constantly moving, discovering, sharing and interacting. Digital Nomad is a monthly travel magazine for the avid traveler, featuring full-length articles from some of the best travel writers in the world, as well as travel news, commentary, insight and stunning HD-quality video from a premiere team of bloggers from around the globe. We aim to capture the essence of adventure: the desire, danger, limitless possibilities and shared experiences.

Developer Raki Bench. is now offering iPad users up to two-month free trial subscription of the Digital Nomad Magazine app, giving them an opportunity to escape the daily grind, get lost in dreamy travel destinations – from the palm of their hand, during a lunch break or while commuting. After the trial period, Digital Nomad Travel Magazine is available at a cost of $1.99 for a single (non-subscription) issue or a one-month subscription for only $0.99, which is automatically renewed until canceled. Payment for all purchases will be charged to users’ iTunes accounts.

Unlike other leading travel publications, Digital Nomad Travel also allows readers to participate in the content. For those who have returned from a trip and have a great travel story to share with the world, who love to write about travel and want to inspire others, we welcome article, video and photo submissions for the monthly iPad Newsstand magazine. By sharing their stories and tips with readers, users can increase awareness of their own brands, increase traffic to websites, blogs and social media, through clickable links.

Like a traditional magazine, users can flip through pages and find amazing photography from hotspots around the world. But unlike print publications, simply double tap anywhere on a page to interact with the content. View related pages, browse related blogs, watch stunning videos and offer feedback. Adventure is just a fingertip away.

For advertisers, Digital Nomad Magazine offers the opportunity to be part of the digital publishing revolution. By the end of 2012, 75 million iPads will be in use by savvy consumers. Market forecasters predict that the most dramatic shift to mobile usage will occur in early 2013, after the upcoming holiday season. More than 50% of travelers use a mobile device for travel-related information, according to ThinkWithGoogle, while click-through rates for travel searches are 61% higher on mobile devices, reports Travelution.
Advertisers can showcase videos, audio and embed sign-up forms inside the magazine. Add to this high-definition ads, cutting-edge functionality and full-on interaction. Digital Nomad is a magazine that behaves like a website – an app within an app. Deliver longer dwell times, greater click-through rates, links to external brand websites and click-to-buy links. Developer Raki Bench from Top Media Marketers Ltd. also provides measurement and analytical reporting for advertising campaign on a monthly basis.

The first issue of Digital Nomad offers a special feature section on “The Maldives Experience,” while the second issue feature a focus on Morocco. Each exciting monthly issue offers exclusive content from local and international travel writers and photographers, tips to help you to be a savvy traveler, integrated videos and social media, a focus on alternative, out of the ordinary tourism options, and content to intrigue and delight the senses.

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